About Me

Hey Ya'll!

I'm Jamie, the sole maker behind Color Spray Creations!

I'm a level 33 queer Korean-American living in Dallas, Texas! I've been making dice since October 2020 and selling dice since February 2021.

Color Spray Creations is a one woman shop! I make my own silicone molds, pour, polish, and paint every single die by hand from my home in Dallas. Every set is also photographed, packaged, and shipped by yours truly. 

When I'm not making dice, I can be found doing some other artsy fartsy hobby like drawing (see the self doodle ) or tinkering around with 3D modeling software. I love anime, manga, comics and indie animation.

I currently play in two weekly D&D campaigns as an Owlin School of Divination Wizard named, Ekatarina Ivanov Perko and a Centaur Circle of Spores Druid named, Philomena Brynmor. I've been playing D&D and miniature tabletop games for over a decade (I play-tested 5e back in the day!). I used to play Malifaux and Warmachine/Hordes but just don't have the time these days. I sometimes use minis for dice inclusions though!

You can check out more of my work here!